What is NOTTS?

NOTTS is a collaborative project about Over-the-top high-quality multimedia services: TV, smartphones, tablets, computers and other capable devices.

NOTTS propose methods for offering experiences close  to the response time in current traditional terrestrial and satellite video broadcasting, and pretend to use scalable and robust video coding techniques to deal with heterogeneity.

NOTTS adapt the streaming parameters according to the current network conditions, such a bandwidth and latency, for fixed and mobile devices.

Our OBJETIVE with this project is to find scalable and sustainable solutions for the future of  Internet-based  media distribution.

It will consolidate network management and operation frameworks to impruve the Quality of Experience in future networks and service in terms of a self-management environment to mange new heterogeneous networks.  The technologies developed inside NOTTS proposal will optimize the network management processes to assure next generation services delivered to end customers.